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  • Our core expectations:

    Owl be safe!

    Owl be respectful!

    Owl be responsible!


  Employee Time Clock      

  • Fifth Grade Transition to Middle School
    May 10th

    9:00-11:00 AM

  • Honor's Day
    Thursday, May 12th in our gym at TCES

    Kindergarten @ 8:30

    3rd Grade @ 9:30

    2nd Grade @ 10:30

    4th Grade @ 11:30

    1st Grade @ 12:30

    5th Grade @ 1:30


  • TCES could not function without our secretaries!
  • Monthly Recognition of our Owl-Standing Faculty and Staff
    January- Stephanie Muhammad & Brenda Greene

    February- Eilene Perry & Krystal Metcalf

    March- Marilyn Brinson & Tessa Wilson

    April- Sherri Rainey & Mr. Bobby Williams

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